Trump Elephant American Flag shirt, tank top and v-neck

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I’m a conservative who voted Libertarian last election. Trump Elephant American Flag. Buttigieg is the only candidate.

Trump Elephant American Flag

Trump Elephant American Flag v-neck
Trump Elephant American Flag tank top
tank top
Trump Elephant American Flag hoodie

I would vote for over Trump in this years election. Bernie is wayyy too far left. Yeah right, Sanders bets trump in all polls, including a wide margin with independents. Pete is such a sore looser. If it comes down to Bernie vs Trump, I will bet you my annual salary, my wife’s annual salary, and our entire retirement fund that Trump will win in a landslide. Americans don’t want a socialist. Well on the plus side if Bernie does win the presidency that wall Trump is building will work just as well to keep us in as it has worked to keep the Mexicans out. Do not underestimate Trump and stupidity of American redneck. Trump Elephant American Flag. We were sure Clinton would do too but Trump knew how to play the media game. They said the same thing about Hilary….. he won’t win back any of the territory lost in the last election in the midwestern swing states and in Florida…. so he won’t win. A centrist can do that. I remember the Hillary 99% of chances, so do not let Deep State trash news polls fool you again! I believe they all said Hillary was going to beat trump in a landslide, even with all the cheating. Trump still won. If you’re going to troll and try to cause division between people. Learn proper English! And Pete isn’t a loser. His concerns are that of many. Doesn’t matter who the Democratic nominee is cause Trump will do like before. He will have outside interference to help him retain his position as President.

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