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The communist government is seizing our land without adequate evidence! Trump Punisher. They fired at us but then accuse us of rioting!

Trump Punisher

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Trump Punisher hoodie
Trump Punisher longsleeve tee
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They are hiring people to make fake comments about us online! But prince Charles is in Oman taking part in three days of mourning following the death of their sultan? Maria Edwards no her child Archie is in Canada that’s why she’s there. Please get your facts right before you make such comments! Tracey Primmer because she is affected by their discussion. She’s married to Harry. I take it you don’t think wives should have any say? Are you married? Something must have happened to Megan in that Palace, for her not to even attend the meeting in person but over the phone from Canada alright. Waiting to learn more about this, something is seriously wrong here. Trump Punisher. I’ve said this , but if you look into royal family it states that the queen has control over children born in the family , even her grandchildren …that’s most probably why they left him behind …..very calculating these 2 are . BS both husband and wife discussed and he decided because it’s his family he will be the spokesman. He is the Prince his decision counts. Susan Fraser why didnt they bring Archie over with them to see the family, they didnt get to see him over Christmas and New Year. Megan should be there talking face to face in the same room as the Queen and other Senior members of the Royal Family. Very disrespectful..It is fair enough if Harry and Megan they want out but they should have gone about this in a better manner. All I can say is, thank goodness they were not in line for the throne. They simply are not strong like William and Kate.

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