Trump latte tumbler

Do you love it? Trump latte tumbler. Available in more style, buy it today before we sell out.



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I know is that I grew up on Uncle Ben rice and Aunt Jemima syrup. Trump latte tumbler. Both items were the best.

Trump latte tumbler

Trump latte tumbler - 30oz
tumbler – 30oz
Trump latte tumbler - 20oz
tumbler – 20oz

All I knew growing up was get the orange box of rice and the lady syrup. Guess I’m going to be getting Master P rice and a master p looking bottle of syrup. Trump latte tumbler. A very laudable idea. Should have been done a long time ago. Let black buy black and black save in black banks. That’s the way to build wealth in the black community. I doubt the longevity of this product. He’s gonna cash in on the current race talks and this product will be discontinued within a year. Haha get richer quick scheme. “Portion of the profits” could literally mean 1 penny per every million dollars sold. Why hasn’t BLM helped anybody with all the money they have raised? Not 1 inner city has received help from them. Or is it just going to Biden’s campaign? Because that’s not what BLM does. BLM donates and fundraisers for candidates on the local state and national level to candidates who will change laws to get rid of qualified immunity and lesson the power of police unions etc etc. How much have YOU raised to help in the inner city? I’m confused, I thought our goal was to remove POC as the face of food because it’s demeaning to put them on the front of a food box or bottle? In a generation or two, the majority of people will be voting more intelligently with their dollars and, of course, votes. Trump has shown all what money and power does to our social distancing and economy.

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