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Employers paying more now, than ever. But where were they 5 years ago?3 years ago, in a BOOMING economy? Right. Get desperate, NOW they want to pay. If they had played it fair in the first place, this entire mess would never have happened. I’mnot talking about socialism, or attacking small business. Don’t avoid the issue. We ALL know that big corporations could’ve been paying a lot more than they did. But no, CEO are getting 5 million dollar bonuses and 25 million dollar sign on bonuses. “COME ON MAN!”……….. poor presidental leadership and lack of any leadership !. Isnt marxism great. pay people to destroy their own economy. We live in a sad world. that is the govt’s plan to control the people. Aaron Turzai Trump Won Save America Flag Like  · Reply · 2h. Today is the last day for federal unemployment in Alabama.. PATHETIC LIBERAL LEADERSHIP AT IT’S BEST!. Easy ! Joe gots a plan.. Right. I agree!

Trump Won Save America Flag

We all miss him he was the greatest president ever we love to have him back so we need to keep praying. Amen to that Paula!!!. Paula J Davison keeps drinking the kool aid you’re doing great . Santiago Almonte Actually you’re the one drinking the lying CNN cool aid . Ken Land Trump Won Save America Flag Trump took isis a threat to the world and reduced them to a pac of barking dogs . Bringing joy and relief to Americans faces . Biden took out Dr Seuss and left us with confused faces on all Americans .. Bring back the real. President Americans need a leadership. Miss my President too! He is a great American. Keep him and his family in our prayers everyday. Hopefully he will return to D.C. before the country is smashed beyond repair. GOD BLESS AMERICA and DONALD J. TRUMP.. Some say just give a fascist an inch and I’ll show you a marxist disguised as a moderate socialist. Fascism Marxism and socialism what do they have in common ? All have never ever turn out good for humanity , Never Ever.

Trump Won Save America Flag

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