Trump’s Mouth face mask

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You seem far to educated to say the ridiculous thing u just did.. but.. like I said.. Trump’s Mouth face mask. I am no ones puppet.. you have your own choice to make..

Trump’s Mouth face mask

Trump's Mouth face mask - pic 1
mask – pic 1

God Bless. Aside from listening to your prepared talking points hammered out by a frustrated media,,,, I’ll accept the fact that since you resort to insults that you have no facts to add.. point is.. today is about honoring our heroes… THAT’S IT. And since I along with others have a long standing of family to honor,,, I dont care what he does when doing it.. he can dabble, stutter, limp, crawl or wear torn ragged clothes.. today is about honoring… not insulting those that do.. you as an American might remember that.. or just stay home in your living room and watch cartoons.. God Bless America… not Republicans or Democrats…. Americans. Have a good day Sir. you are without facts, repeating the same tired lines. Trump’s Mouth face mask. Trump is an embarrassment to this country. He is incapable of honoring anyone other than himself. it’s an embarrassment to think you are a fellow American.. why did I even fight for someone like you??? But.. I did.. and I am sure you did all you could to honor those lost at our sides.. I’m sure you didnt just insult other Americans all day…. no one fought for one political side… did you??? Ryan Chris Johnson like creating a recession and Killing 100k Americans thru hubris, negligence, and fantasy thinking? Newsflash, Obama got us out of a major recession and protected us thru 2 pandemics. Dems always having to bail us out from republican failure, including propping up red states.

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