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Literally every corner has a help wanted sign. There is plenty of work here. seems no one wants to work. I believe most are just playing the system because it’s so wack right now sitting on their butt collecting that check when there’s tons of work. Follow the money, people. Rich folks don’t make money off charity. Turtle nice butt poster. They make money by commoditizing the human experience. The wealthy have seen staggering increases in their net worth during all our recent economic downturns. The GOP only cares about keeping their rich constituents fat and happy.

Turtle nice butt poster

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Bernie you are an amazing human being with a very good head on your shoulders and a very big heart, but this is corporate America and nothing even close to this will ever happen because to the current politicians in power we are just slaves and the only people they care about is billionaire CEOs who are already profiting from our hard work and suffering as they always have. Turtle nice butt poster.  I still haven’t received my Taxes back but I’m glad the first stimulus came how that works idk but how about now they send a $2000 Check, l sure don’t understand how these Companies that are making Bank during these times that also don’t pay Taxes get relief from Trump Administration while the everyday American Struggles to get by.

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