Turtle To my daughter mom Poster

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I don’t know how rumors get started I wish I would’ve kept this somebody put on Facebook that your sister took money from the contribute for the campaign and put towards your business and I know that’s not true what do I say to these people and the other thing I said was that you took the money for your family from the campaign. Turtle To my daughter mom Poster.  I don’t believe that either I wrote back and told him somebody else was running your campaign you had nothing. To do with the campaign money. 

Turtle To my daughter mom Poster

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Biden wants coverage for all, but forcing everyone onto a payor that doesn’t cover as much as many people might think without pricey supplemental plans, is not the answer. Biden intends to tweak the ACA for it to function as it was originally designed before the GOP tried to tear it apart, expand Medicaid to make more people eligible, allow people to buy into Medicare should they desire to do so, but also allow people to keep their employer sponsored health insurance, in the short term. Turtle To my daughter mom Poster. This will provide affordable coverage plans for 100% of our population and provide the time for health care policy experts to convene and come up with a single payer system that truly works for all. We may not care for for profit healthcare insurance companies, but throwing millions of employees out of work to force everyone onto a plan that doesn’t cover as much as that commercial insurance also is not the answer.

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