Turtle Christmas Tree shirt and hoodie and v-neck

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Turtle Christmas Tree. Order now before lose it forever.



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Let’s see Trump’s tax cut for the 1 % once again proved that Trickle Down Economics does not work. The Gap between the Rich and t he Middle Class and the por is even wider…but yep…keep laughing. She’s an economically illiterate buffoon. To think that confiscating money that’s already been taxed because your policies are so bad is absurd. Turtle Christmas Tree. If warren were elected, I feel badly for any American who has been saving for retirement and is supposed to retire during her reign…401k’s will suffer terribly under her socialist agenda.

Turtle Christmas Tree

Turtle Christmas Tree v-neck
Turtle Christmas Tree sweatshirt
Turtle Christmas Tree hoodie

Of course the big Banks are going to go against anyone who will step in their way. We need the Democrats in it’s no time to hold Pride over party. We cannot completely remove this old-school corrupted a republican Administration on this election coming up. Turtle Christmas Tree. That’s why we need our complete democratic election so they can override and get that tax scamvoid it oh, because they kinda Miss are warning us we’re heading for a recession and if that tax scam can get voided and make those big boys pay their fair share the recession won’t be as harsh. The damage has already been done by Trump enforcing tariffs which has deliberately forced the people to pay higher prices. In which was an act that allowed a hefty stocks gain at our expense. With the tax can they had created a 3 trillion dollar debt Afflicted upon the American people. And now the economist are warning us because of these acts against us is throwing us into recession. But there’s more to this than the economy downfall that’s going to bring America down on our knees. As you recall, Trump has put the polluters in his cabinet.

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