Twenty One Pilots Quilt

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Jackie Brage good grief no he won! He’s the president…. he won with 63 million votes! Twenty One Pilots Quilt. And estimated to win the 2020 election with more!

Twenty One Pilots Quilt

Twenty One Pilots Quilt - Twin
Quilt – Twin
Twenty One Pilots Quilt - Queen
Quilt – Queen
Twenty One Pilots Quilt - King
Quilt – King

So I’m sorry the little bit hate him but 63 million did not like Hillary. He’s gonna win big time in 2020 because you dems. are so hateful that we love him that much more. Your just really special aren’t you ? Thinking that Trump writes and reads these posts on Facebook. Jackie Brage but more love him. At least he tells it like it is and that just scares the hell out of democrats. The Dems will vote for impeachment because they wanted hom out from day 1. But the Senate won’t vote for it. Dems will lose. Jackie Brage what he’s “sees” is how many utterly stupid people the delusional Democrats are fooling into thinking there is a snowball snowflake chance in hell there will be an impeachment. Jackie brags you may hate him but the military dont they have a waiting list for people waiting to serve the oval office maybe jackie you should ask why. Twenty One Pilots Quilt. Lones Smith He never inherited 200+ million for starters! Second he has every right to hold aid for any reason he sees fit. That’s not bribery or corruption. You have nothing so you and your loser constitutes have created a false narrative that hasn’t a shred of evidence! Saying there is high crimes and misdemeanors and proving there are, are two totally different things! Better get used to Trump he will be YOUR president in 2020.

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