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Well, he fired the DNI for not going thru the chain of command and going straight to someone who would try to politically weaponize the information. Types Of Dachshunds Rug. Which Schiff did and to say the acting DNI has no security experience is flat out wrong.

Types Of Dachshunds Rug

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Rug- small
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Rug- medium
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I know you think CNN is telling you the truth, but your ignorant comment proves they are not. Bernie pro Russia pro Communist sympatico! You want this old dirt bag promising you free this, that and the other thing. The Russians aren’t doing anything this is nonsense they have better things to do than to meddle around with your election. Types Of Dachshunds Rug. Well Sanders flicked off Putin right away while you were like “Russia if you have Hillary’s emails” and still not minding getting foreign support. Now you know the difference? I leave USA then whose gonna feed you? You’re so dumb that you’d die without me paying taxes. And by the way, screw Saudi monarchy, they are horrible and in power because Democrats and Republicans have been supporting it for too long and sending idiots like you to defend them. Trump did a $100 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia that Obama rejected. So first have balls to call out Trump then give these empty threats. Mr. Trump here has became the same swamp that he promised to drain five years ago. Time to drain Mr. Trump and his cronies! I’m a Veteran and Kansas County I live is using regular stick built homes as values for mobile homes, creating the same type of predatory private mortgage lending and unregulated markets that created the last housing crisis, and VA is denying veterans their VA benefits because of seriously over-inflated values. Veterans prefer to live a rural lifestyle. Their intentional misrepresentation has cost this veteran his life savings.

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