Typing girl writing because murder is wrong poster

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It doesn’t work that way. If we don’t work we don’t get paid. Most of us have to use sick leave and again Hospitals aren’t on the shut down list. Assuming it can be conclusively proven, Hill should get the death penalty and executed in less than 2 years. Typing girl writing because murder is wrong poster. He is not redeeming. In March 2016, Hill, then 16, was arrested on four counts of attempted homicide after a domestic shooting spree involving four family members, records show. Hill used a handgun to shoot his grandmother, 12-year-old sister and 6-year-old nephew. At the time, investigators said that Hill was angry that his grandmother was making him go to school.

Typing girl writing because murder is wrong poster

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We had 1 bad experience here in UK many years ago,Dunblane massacre, whereby a guy with a handgun killed alot of school children,so they banned all handguns and closed gun clubs, firing ranges etc! Already has a long violent history and he’s out free to murder again. It’s like he has some kind of privilege or something… I assume the shooter is of African descent that is conveniently left out of the headline. If he were white, it would be all over in bold letters.. CNN you missed the racial color of the shooter there guys, care to provide that please since you would have stated it 10 times in the “story” if she had a darker pigment? Kristelle Schwarting And CNN is a biased news source that should be razed to the ground. Hopefully thats coming soon. I know you love it though. Donavan Sanders if it dosent solve anything why does CNN do it???? If the shooter had been white and the girl black it would be top story for days. Honest question. Do you think they wouldnt have? Are you really that clueless if so? CNN has pushed more hate and racism than any media outlet and its OK as long as it fits the narrative. Some of us are really, really sick of it. Typing girl writing because murder is wrong poster. Alot of them black people. But yeah lets just not say anything about it and let it continue, NOT. How are You doing today l hope you are doing well in Life ,I really don’t want to be rude to send you a request without your permission, I don’t know if it will be convenient that you kindly send me a request ,Hoping to receive a friendly request from you, I will be really grateful,thanks. Better question is who is hanging out with Commie Traitor Trump and his crew to be catching this? Politicians no doubt put in a slush fund to use at their discretion at a later date probably to help themselves or their party instead of helping people that need those funds !!! Eventually it will be that in general all animals carry the virus- they’re protected by nature — humans will contract the virus but our only protection is a man made vaccine – animal protection is nature – they’ve done less harm to the environment than humans have. My favorite line in the whole article is “In most animal cases, coronavirus isn’t deadly”. Oh so you mean exactly like it is for people lol. Most people are wearing masks,washing hands and distancing. The flu is nowhere near as contagious as COVID and it is not a novel disease. It’s been around forever. Everyone has been exposed to it and many people get vaccinated against it. COVID 19 is a BAT disease that jumped species. We have had no exposure, we have no immunity to it…that’s why it is Novel virus.(A novel coronavirus is a new coronavirus that has not been previously identified).

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The first stimulus was 3 trillion dollars, that’s $9,000 for every man, woman, and child. You got $1,200, who got your other $7800? This is what happens when the government gives you a little money knowing you will not question it. One decision change my life, I decided to act on faith instead of fear. I am now reaping the rewards of that bold step and making more money online all thanks to Jackie Rollins for making this possible.. that $3 trillion was not just checks to the American people. It was also to help unemployment, welfare, small businesses, etc. There was an oversight committee. The orange one dismantled it and took over control. So, him, his family, and close associates got their fingers into the money.

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