U.S Navy Veteran American Flag



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Companies should be taxed on the bases of how well their employees are paid and the benefits they receive. Therefore the better the pay and benefits an employee receives the cheaper the business taxes are,. And for those corporations that would move out of the country there should be an even larger import tax on their products coming back into this country.. Here is a meet in the middle approach…No need to raise corporate tax just eliminate the loopholes. If it’ 21% they pay 21%. No right offs. No accountant magic tricks. Why does everything in politics have to be all or nothing?. Bernie is absolutely right. But the timid spineless Democrats will “compromise” with a pathetic 25%, still filled with loopholes. Despicable.. That would be a good start but not nearly as effective as it would be if we could get term limits and rid politics of all the professional bribers(lobbyists) U.S Navy Veteran American Flag

U.S Navy Veteran American Flag

Or you could raise income tax on the very wealthy and raise estate tax instead of making the companies we work for suffer which in turn would make us workers suffer. We want the companies we work for to thrive. Especially when it comes to competing with foreign entities since business is so international.. It would also force away trillions of investments and spending by these companies in the US.. Always remember…. Corporations don’t pay taxes. They meerly collect them from the end user of the product and pass them on to the governents. #FAIRtax NOW!!!!. Bernie Sanders ok, so what is the excuse as to why we are not getting it done this time? Seriously, actions speak louder than words. Enough with the excuses. Let’s see some action!. We cannot just tax our way out of our problems. We need radical new thinking in social support for everyone. Education has slipped from its once high position to amongst the bottom. We cannot expect to have taxes from working class people be relevant unless our education system works, and right now, it’s not working very well. U.S Navy Veteran American Flag Speaking of not working very well, Unions had been gutted from the inside by anti-union double-agents. We can’t get the integrity we seek out of unions, because big businesses simply maneuver around roadblocks, and run their shills for union leadership.

U.S Navy Veteran American Flag

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