Uff da norwegian rosemaling face mask

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Blame shifting the school administration is a low blow. Uff da norwegian rosemaling face mask. How can these people blame a school and not hold the gun industry or the policies that allow this to happen?

Uff da norwegian rosemaling face mask

Uff da norwegian rosemaling face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

And then they presented the gun toting couple. Such cognitive dissonance. The audacity. They go from they want to take your guns and portray gun owners as lunatics to parade the guy that lost his daughter in a mass shooting that all we did was offer thoughts and prayers. He is confused and lost still mourning. Can’t believe the clown of 45th uses him for a political mantra. wait, so the other father must also be confused and mourning. Uff da norwegian rosemaling face mask. Plus, he was also used for a political mantra. But why didn’t you cry about it then? So Trump used this guy, but the Dems didn’t use the other guy ? This guys spoke directly of the facts around his daughters death and the policies that got her killed. They other dude was just there to pull emotional strings. CNN is a joke. They are fact checking the RNC but did not do that to the DNC and said they are going to be fair. You know the Parkland dad is very powerful and will touch the hearts of the suburban moms. All you have are rioters and looters whom the DNC supports. Biden got no bump from his convention but with touching stories like we are hearing the RNC put forth, Trump most assuredly will increase in the polls. All you guys do is attack and deflect and Black voters are catching on.

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