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If you put the money in the hands of the people, we stimulate the economy. Under Your Scars Signature Poster. If you give the bailout to the companies, who knows how they spend the money!

Under Your Scars Signature Poster

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I wonder if they would have said the same if this all happened after Trump got re-elected? Under Your Scars Signature Poster. Yes due to the global epidemic their is a worldwide recession and we are trying to keep roofs over peoples heads and food on the table in a time of great need. Sounding like you want to get use to bailouts. Imagine you confronting yourself in the mirror and saying I don’t need this extra $ and donating it for the greater good …….if okay I can do that……imagine majority thinking the same mindset, Utopia right? Not reasonable, off with you. All bars and restaurants in Florida have just been closed for 30 days. This is about to destroy the economy without major help. Expecting me to stay home for free is asking for me to give you free stuff. Me expecting compensation for my time and cooperation is capitalism. Won’t have to worry about it. I wonder if Republicans would be talking about $1 trillion bail out if it was a Democratic president. I think we all know the answer to that one. A big fat NO. If Yang had won the nomination Trump would’ve been trying to link him to Wuhan. Make no mistake: the man and administration that wrote this off as a “Democrat hoax” over a month ago are now asking how they can save face and remain in the White House — from a man they’d normally roast as “promoting handouts.

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