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Under Your Scars Poster

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Very few get addicted when taken for pain. MANY veterans were force tapered and are suffering with chronic pain. MOST doctors, especially in the last several years, didn’t simply hand out opioids without going through several options beforehand. People who were stable, didn’t abuse, didn’t have negative side effects can no longer function or participate due to the drastic cutback on dosages and or removed entirely. If there were other options that help pain, obviously they didn’t work or there wouldn’t be so many suffering. Under Your Scars Poster. Please help those of us that found opioids to be an EFFECTIVE and safe option for us. There were no groups of pain management doctors working on our behalf. Only addiction specialists who are biased by misrepresenting and assuming we’re all addicts when we’re not. Please reach out. Marcia Hatt Not everyone is your son. The majority of us have tried ‘plants’ or other options before taking opioids and finding that they work well for us. We’re all different and what works for one doesn’t work for all or they wouldn’t have so many options to begin with.

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