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Jacob Angle he was questioned, investigated, charged and prosecuted by the Trump DOJ friend. Unicorn ew people face mask. Nothing has changed concerning Flynn’s guilt.

Unicorn ew people face mask

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He had 2 choices. Tell the truth or lie. Unicorn ew people face mask. He chose to lie multiple times about multiple things. He reached a cooperation agreement with the prosecution. So a military general who pled guilty to lying, who was fired because he lied to the VP is not guilty because the FBI “tricked” him into lying? I volunteer tutor for elementary school children and they can create better excuses for their behavior. Flynn is liar. He lied to the FBI, which is a CRIME! Try to have some kind of standard for those who serve at the higher levels of government!! Agree with you and finding it hard to believe that half of your country won’t even look at these recently released documents. Mind-blown. So he admitted to lying to the FBI and went in front of a judge and a pleaded Guilty and was to be sentenced now the DOJ drops the charges and you people are ok with that? So I murder someone get caught, tell the police I did it go in front of a judge plead guilty month later they drop the charge. You ok with that? A crime is a crime no matter what type, you need to be held accountable. Law and order. you cannot certainly met the same punishment on someone who told a mere lie and that of murder… Hence the consequence of one crime is different from the other. Think.

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