United States Navy American Eagle Veteran Flag



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Kimberley LZ Munro. Thankfully, this 20-year rich man’s war is coming to an end. The notion of a war on terror was a bad one to begin with.. What have we accomplished after all this? Not enough to justify 20 years of war and the terrible price that was paid.. And 40,000 dead civilians…and I thought we had learned our lesson in Vietnam.. You forgot, Bernie, to talk about how many Afghani lives have been lost when it should have been the Kingdom of S.A the US attacked. Talk about a selective memory. OOOOPs I forgot. The US never counts the number it kills but writes them off.. Why were we there for 20years?. I agree. We cannot save the world by making war.. I am glad he says he will end this war. But Trump was set to pull all troops out in May. Wish he had kept the treaty the US made under Trump. United States Navy American Eagle Veteran Flag

United States Navy American Eagle Veteran Flag

Ariata Lee Lavin United States Navy American Eagle Veteran Flag I think disability compensation for disabled veterans is due for an increase as well.. Ariata Lee Lavin disability compensation for everyone! SSDI is a pittance.. Ariata Lee Lavin totally agree, but illegal aliens are special.. Ariata Lee Lavin Republicans call veterans cowards because they survived. No handouts to cowards according to the GOP.. Ariata Lee Lavin AND to have these services included in their benefits.. Ariata Lee Lavin are you kidding ??? My cousins husband gets everything free just got a full set of implants for teeth. Disabled my ass. Retirees are screwed disability vets regardless of disability and income they are millionaires are on gravy train….. Ariata Lee Lavin VA needs a big overhaul. Ariata Lee Lavin Amen . Ariata Lee Lavin Amen . Ariata Lee Lavin Any Veterans should not have to pay for any medical care !. Ariata Lee Lavin Try getting it! My husband isa six year special forces Veteran and theyblackened his records out! Denied him his pension because they say they can’t prove where he was! It Bull sh. . ! Vietnam era Vets are screwed all the time! Theyclassified Vietnam as a conflict and not a war..so they don’t have to pay them! It’s sickening!

United States Navy American Eagle Veteran Flag

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