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Shakil KhanMariah: queen of making difficult songs even harder to sing!!!  . Facebook Watch not a sad attempt! the daydream era hair was iconic267 . Heidi Anne   · FollowBecause of MC I’m a better artist. Thank you for inspiring me 703 . Bright Light Bright Light   · FollowYou and your stylist were on a break!!!40 . Chemradery   · FollowBut can Rachel do the whistle notes though? 744 . Alexander Brangman   · FollowShe’s is one the Best to ever sing a note of music. 70 . Loren Allred   · FollowSad? Not at all. STUNNING 90 . Facebook App Ok but we think you NAILED it Mariah. 50 . The International DJ Casper   · FollowIt was pretty close lol. You made your version look good though 26 . Sachiko ParrishAn amazing attempt to take something iconic, and make it even MORE iconic, and all your own. We love that hairdo, my Queen! It was a moment! I love you so much! 53  US Air Force Lockheed AC-130 Hawaiian Shirt And Shorts

US Air Force Lockheed AC-130 Hawaiian Shirt And Shorts

Mark BarengHappy Birthday, Patti Labelle! Your tribute to Patti with If Only You Knew / Somewhere Over the Rainbow still brings me to tears after all these years!6 . Amanda TunstallHappy Birthday Aunt Patti. I have goosebumps from watching you both sing with soul.8 . Justine Norman BoydIt doesn’t get any better. Two incredible voices! Happy Birthday to the magnificent Patti Labelle! 2 . Edwin AlvarezThat one and only Patti La Belle. Next to a wonderful voice of all times Mariah Carey what a talent both of them.6 . Azer AllahverdiyevFrom the very first day I follow your work and every time I listen with great pleasure!4 . Jeffrey SnowTalk about knocking one out of the park! Spectacular! Happy Birthday!14 . Alice CarterThe queen and her princess set it off singing together. Both have wonderful voices!2 . Nadine GloverNow that was awsome! Patti and Mariah’s voices together just impeccable3 . Cesar PeñaUna demi canciones favoritas de mis tiempos que dúo Waoo , one of my favorite songs of all time ( To be real) good memories thanks Cheryl Lynn and Mariah excellent voices I love it 5  US Air Force Lockheed AC-130 Hawaiian Shirt And Shorts

US Air Force Lockheed AC-130 Hawaiian Shirt And Shorts

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