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My favorite era of Mariah US Army Boeing AH-64 Apache Hawaiian Shirt And Shorts for me, it was her best music I wish she would give us another musical taste . I remember the first time I saw her and heard her. I was frozen where I stood!! I couldn’t believe my ears. I absolutely love her to this day. She’s an amazing singer absolutely love her. Bring this mariah back in time not the other eild side kind . You my favorite singer! You, the one of the best!. Wow it’s been 31 years!!! I still have her 1st Album ON CASSETTE TAPE!!!! I love listening to her beautiful 7-octave vocal range!!!! Pause GIF. Always awesome, the first time i heard that, was magical. I can’t believe this song is 31 years old. A timeless classic, a technical masterpiece, a beautiful message of strength and faith. All in One, still my fave today . Jennifer Rettzo Koncsler

US Army Boeing AH-64 Apache Hawaiian Shirt And Shorts

Absolutely awesome incredible always love this. One of the greatest vocal performances of all time. What a way to start a career, still as shockingly amazing today as it was then.. The palace now has a queen, and the goosebumps will continue.. That one guy who is looking like he cannot believe what he is hearing, always cracks me up. Yes, she really does sound that good.. I know you’ll probably never read this, but you inspired me all the time when I was a kid. . It’s crazy how the song started out so average and everybody was just standing and looking like C’mon let’s get this over with BUT baaaaby when your voice transitioned to the whistle everybody lost it ! Lol the players couldn’t even hold the line and maintain their emotionless faces. They knew, the crowd knew, and I knew a STAR was born . This was an amazing performance!! It is surreal how powerful and beautiful your voice is. Your voice is musical; you can hear the music in your voice. Your voice is God given and an instrument . Blows me away how someone can sing so well and with such ease. Your control and agility is incomparable US Army Boeing AH-64 Apache Hawaiian Shirt And Shorts

US Army Boeing AH-64 Apache Hawaiian Shirt And Shorts

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