US Navy Proudly Served American Flag



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US Navy Proudly Served American Flag

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a new date for the vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill, after committing to moderate Democrats in August that the vote would take place by Monday, September 27. US Navy Proudly Served American Flag. On Sunday, in a “Dear Colleague” letter, the speaker told Democratic lawmakers the House would begin debate on the bill on Monday and hold the vote on Thursday. Democrats in Congress are facing a critical week on Capitol Hill as they seek to navigate internal divisions that could endanger President Biden’s domestic policy agenda, all while staring down a fast-approaching deadline to avoid a lapse in government funding before the month’s end.

US Navy Proudly Served American Flag
US Navy Proudly Served American Flag

In a letter to House Democrats a day earlier, on Saturday, Pelosi laid the groundwork for the consequential week in Congress, writing that “the next few days will be a time of intensity” as Democrats seek to usher through a short-term funding bill to avert a partial government shutdown in the Senate, as well as two key pillars of Mr. Biden’s economic agenda in the House: the sweeping $3.5 trillion social spending package and a more narrow $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill.

The House is set to convene Monday and take up the bipartisan infrastructure measure, which aims to revitalize the nation’s roads, bridges, ports and rails, has already passed the Senate.

But disagreements between the moderate and progressive wings of the Democratic caucus, which have been festering for weeks, threaten to derail both legislative efforts, leaving Mr. Biden’s economic agenda on shaky ground as his administration navigates multiple crises.

“Overwhelmingly, the entirety of our caucus, except for a few whose judgment I respect, support the vision of Joe Biden,” Pelosi said in an interview with ABC’s “This Week” of the challenges facing the Democrat-led Congress. “And we will make progress on it this week.”

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