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Every American should understand by now that a payroll tax cut is the way to defund Social Security and Medicare. Usa My home philippines my blood face mask. Who …what American that has paid for this benefit their entire working life wants this program defunded????

Usa My home philippines my blood face mask

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Do not vote for this man because he has promised to do it!! Stop the lies and fear. They have said on record there would be no cuts on social security. Where the heck is your Biden. We need 3 debates! This will clear up the liberal lies!!! Kat Bar the way Social Security and Medicare are funded is through the payroll tax. Usa My home philippines my blood face mask. Look it up on any source you prefer. If the programs are not funded they will collapse. The president said clearly out of his own mouth that if he is re-elect he will make those cuts permanent. I have parents that depend on that benefit they paid for their entire life. I also have paid into that system for over 30 years and it’s a lot of money to just be gone when we need it the most. Do you have elderly folks you care about? well sorry, your government has failed you. So they need to cut you and your parents a check and stop taking my money. Im a big boy, smart enough to invest i. My health and own retirement and future. I’m working hard so my government won’t fail me and hundreds of thousand others. I’m glad you are self reliant and are responsible. We are too, but have paid for this benefit all our working lives. That may not concern you or any one you care for but not everyone is just starting out. If you think the government( who we have established has failed me) would cut me or my 90 year old parents a check …well we can all have dreams!

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