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Oh yes I agreed with what you just said, your comment is very easy to understand I got the vibes haha. Use the force poster. I would think they would definitely date a guy who loves something that will never love him back.

Use the force poster

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Happens all the time. I also swiped right on my ex on tinder just because he had a cat picture. We dated for 1.5 years and was about to buy a house before we split. Not true at all!! I would definitely date a man with cats. Use the force poster. I have 2 handsome Siamese of my own. What I don’t like is a guy that says he has a cat in his dating profile but there is no photos of his cat!!! Every cat parent out there knows the deal!! Our phones and social media are full of our adorable feline owners!! It wouldn’t be an automatic deal breaker, however I would most likely be cautious and mention the possible issues this may present or just avoid it completely. I have 2 cats, but also 4 dogs. Odds are that a man with a cat hasn’t had his cat with any dogs (or cats) and the poor cat could have a tough time transitioning to the type of energy in my household. I’m a big dog person..I got a problem with guys with smaller dogs more than I do with them having cats. But I’m also allergic to cats..I do love dogs and cats.. If it’s true that Van Jones secretly helped the Trump administration craft its police reform bill before he lavishly praised it on air, that this is extremely unethical, and CNN should sanction Van Jones.

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