Valentine – You are My Favorite Thing To Do Mug

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Valentine – You are My Favorite Thing To Do Mug. Order now before lose it forever.

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If you would have worked with Trump, you wouldn’t have to play catch up now.. I’m old (83) and I don’t want to drive down to Cal-Expo,…I have a doctor here and they have an office,….Sutter North.. We need sites in more areas, closer to our homes. We’re old. Travel isn’t always possible.. Can you do something about getting the Othena website fixed? I registered on Monday and never got a confirmation, and now the site is not available due to high traffic volume.. How do you even go about getting one? I thought there was a list or order we go by? I am a 50 year old UPS driver ( essential and out here since March) and I thought we would be near the top of the list……but crickets……..and to be honest, the fr… See More. We need to move faster and understand, many seniors in OC do not have an app, or know what an app is, and so can’t sign up for Othena online appointments. I helped my mom, but many seniors do not have tech-savy helpers. A system needs to help Seniors… See More Valentine – You are My Favorite Thing To Do Mug

You are My Favorite Thing To Do Mug

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This is fantastic, thank you Gavin. BUT You need to put the pressure on fake democrat London Breed – her pathetic response to this in SF is outrageous. There are sites there plenty large enough to do mass drive thru and walk thru vaccinations, and y… See More. Nice tunes but where is the actual useful information? I live in LA County, I am 65 and a two-time cancer survivor. So how do I get the vaccine?. Riverside Co response is dismal. Website for appts claims no available appts within minutes of opening. No one to talk to. Horrible.. My parents are over 65 and I work in education. We live in Sac County. How do we sign up to get a vaccine?. Too bad you choose to push vaccines on people rather than vitaminD which has a higher success rate. The vaccine needs to be available locally rather than at stadiums and arenas and such. It’s amazing how we have so much “leadership” and they can’t figure out an efficient plan

Valentine – You are My Favorite Thing To Do Mug

WHY CANT WE DO WHAT OTHER STATES HAVE DONE; 24hr MEGASITES! IF TEXAS IS SMART ENOUGH WE SHOULD BE TOO!. Good will prevail and Gavin is on the wrong side. I am 62 years old and want my vaccine NOW! It is discrimination not to allow me to get it now instead of making me wait! You have vaccines, I pay taxes. Give me my vaccine now! Stop the tiers! It’s not working! First come first serve!!!. How many Billions of dollars have you sent to China this month Gavin?. Thank you for doing a job nobody else would want during a time nobody else would want to do it and taking crap from people who won’t step up to help and wouldnt want to take the heat if they did.. It was never about COVID. You are My Favorite Thing To Do Mug. It’s about the New World Order and Global Reset.. Forget tier system and open vaccine to anyone who wants it. Administer like flu vaccine with drive through etc. the more people with vaccine in their arm the closer to ending pandemic.

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