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Bernie you know everything but the trurh about nouthing all you can do is talk and being a democrats shows just what you are and they are nouthing as bad as that. Van halen hawaiian shirt. He’s not walking the walk willingly. His facial expression even though half hidden by the mask shows serious anger about his “fake” compliance. No one will be convinced to wear masks because of this pathetic display.

Van halen hawaiian shirt

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I doubt that Trump not wearing a mask has lead to all the turmoil with Covid in this US. Van halen hawaiian shirt. I do not wear one either and I am just fine. I was just with 60 of my friends yesterday and none were wearing a mask and we have been seeing each other for months like that in a karaoke league and not one of us is ill. But yet they say cases are rising in our town but we do not know of any one here. The numbers do not add up. Cases are rising but the death rate is declining. So I think it is pretty safe now. When the death rates start to go up then I will believe that this virus is on the true rise again. I have a 1 percent chance of getting it at this moment. I know of someone who has had it and got well that also has told me that the hype is way overblown in the media for this virus. This is more on the political side. I am sure the hype will decline after November.

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