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Either way America is doomed still sticks with old habits, no universal healthcare, no gun control and capital punishment not abolished. Van halen hawaiian shirt. The great and powerful Trump and millions of our wonderful citizens are finally seeing a very dangerous monopolized media losing their leftist warfare.

Van halen hawaiian shirt

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Freeing voices on campuses, teachers, professors, political representation, and big corporations to small business, ‘ is being see clear. Them chickens are coming home to roost. Takes time in a wait for better days. Enough with the polls. Get out and vote. No crystal ball will tell us anything. Change comes in the form of your ballot. Absentee included. The polls have only been wrong on 3 occasions since 1830’s . The odds of them being wrong again are astronomical. Russian cheated and interfere in the election and Wikileaks put some ugly untrue stuff about Hillary out 7 days before the election and by the way she did win the popular vote but over three and a half million but his crookedness got his way. Van halen hawaiian shirt. These maps are deceiving… It looks like a lot of red because the red is all the low population areas… The blue is in the cities… Cities are smaller in land size but higher in population… our vote in rural areas still count. We have alot of electoral college numbers…no I don’t know how many from red states, but they add up. All of your polls are skewed! Fake news and garbage media outlet is all you are. No one believes you except the sheep!

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