Vermont For Trump Flag

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Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Vermont For Trump Flag. Order now before lose it forever.



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Vermont has several different cultures: rural farming/remote logging, suburban (for lack of a better term), and college/metropolitan. What you encounter depends on the part of the state you’re in. Country/folk music, contra dancing, farmer’s markets, and agricultural events are typical in the farming/logging cultures, with some overlap into the suburban culture. Vermont For Trump Flag. Those in suburban culture tend to drive (a lot – everything is 45 minutes away, no matter where you live) to the collegiate areas for work and play (theater, movies, shopping). The collegiate/metropolitan (aka, greater Burlington) culture tends to stay put, and focuses on school-related events, arts, and restaurants.

Vermont For Trump Flag

Vermont For Trump Flag- pic 1
Flag- pic 1
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Flag- pic 2
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Flag- pic 3

No matter where you are in the state, you’re expected to be friendly. It eventually becomes second nature to wave and smile at everyone you pass while driving (including on-coming drivers, though not on the highways or larger main roads). This is an amusing habit if you then go someplace like metro Boston, since everyone you pass wonders who the heck you are and why you’re waving at them. If you don’t wave, you’ll gain a reputation as a snob in your community (be forewarned!). People talk to each other in line at the cashier – even total strangers from out of town. It’s awesome to see the surprise on a New Yorker’s face when some random person smiles and starts chatting with them. Don’t expect to come to VT and ignore people over your laptop at the local cafe. Vermont For Trump Flag. First off, broadband is not available in much of the state. Secondly, if you go to a public place, you will almost always get roped into a conversation with the people around you. It just happens. If you’re a misanthrope, you’ll want to live in a large urban area where people keep to themselves. An anthropomorphized Vermont would probably describe itself as a “people person. If you get involved in anything cultural, you will get to know a huge percentage of the state’s population – especially if you’re involved in politics. Our politicians are our neighbors. The legislature is in session only part time (October – May), and the legislators generally have jobs outside the legislature – farming, running a coffee shop, whatever. We have the second largest number of representatives per-capita in the country. Even the national delegation is very accessible. There are always dinners, fundraisers, town hall meetings, etc. at which you can meet one or another of them – or you might just run into them while walking down the street. A friend once convinced the governor to revamp the highway funding to repair a major section of highway when she was in college, just because she ran into him while walking down the street in Burlington. It’s an amazing experience when compared to the inaccessible politicians I’ve encountered elsewhere.

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