Vietnam War Veteran Necklace

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Judy Wester The land is not saturated with our pure blood. We Kurds are ours. History will record America betrayed its allies and helped Erdogan to kill our children and rape our women.Judy Wester the U.S military alone is responsible for 10s of thousands of deaths of innocent civilians including small children. Vietnam War Veteran Necklace. The military has actually killed more civilians than ISIS, AL Qaeda and the Taliban combined.

Vietnam War Veteran Necklace

Vietnam War Veteran Necklace- style 2
style 2
Vietnam War Veteran Necklace- Gold plated
Gold plated

They are the real Terrorist.I have listened to the news every day, they never say wherethey are taking they, I wonder who is doing anything to help them!!! I saw all the reports of chemical burns, very very sad!!! It’s all over oil!Joey Aviles why do you live in a liberal democracy? Shouldn’t you be at home polishing your bone saw?Leo van Veldhuizen I seriously hope that is sarcasm rather than being weak minded and easily conned by the AntichristThe so called ceasefire is an embarrassing sham. What happens to American leadership. Morals and loyalty to its ally.Kevin Weeks doesn’t look like you’re much in a position to make that statement, the men and women that do fight for this country gave him the freedom to express his own opinion. Vietnam War Veteran Necklace. The leadership in this country is horrible, the way we treat others (especially those from other nations) is an embarrassment. The current commander in chief uses people and his position to benefit himself. Most of the Kurdish military are WOMEN; they are mothers and daughters. We have blood on our hands in this and this ceasefire is a slap in their faces. Brandi Yanes thank you for your wisdom, the Kurds saved the world from Isis and now they are being abandoned by the world to be attached and slaughtered by terrorist Turkey.

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