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Ofer MelnikThis is a gross mistake. You’re encouraging the antisemitic left in a way that’s Corbin-like. Your statements don’t sound impartial or well thought out and you’re feeding the dogmatic anti-israel stance that’s really a front for age old antisemitism, s… See More12 . Drew BartonSeriously… stop selling them weapons and questioning why the region is unstable. 8 . Youssef EKVoice of reason. Thank you for standing for what’s right when it’s unpopular to do so!13 . Abdallah Hamed HabayebThank you, Bernie, for insisting on being rightous even when it’s no longer appealing to American politics.25 . MK MohamedThe lion of the senate, stand for what’s right17 . Mike HammockIt’s a great question. As someone said, missiles and weapons are half measures. The root cause of the conflict must be settled.. . Mohamed BelhssanNot mine…. Free PalestineI am Israel. I came to a land without a people for a people without a land. Those people who happened to be here, had no right to be here, and my people showed them they had to leave or die, razing 400 Palestinian villages t… See More10  Viking Fenrir Wolf Camisole Women Tank Top

Viking Fenrir Wolf Camisole Women Tank Top

Ahmad ParsaMr. Sanders, you are the wisest and fairest voice from the American leadership over the past several decades. You need to continue taking a leading role in pursuing for a just solution to this clearly one-sided USA policy that has failed over and over … See More9 . Jeff LipschuetzBernie, if you don’t know that the helping of our biggest ally in the middle east is the right thing to do then it’s time for you to apologize and get out of politics. Retire now.8 . Inder JesUS Govt always do business by selling weapons at the cost of innocent lives. 2 . Muhammad MakkiehThank you for having a backbone. Our tax dollars shouldn’t fund genocide. 4 . Salma JwayyedThank you for always being a man of reason, for always speaking up when you know in your core something is flat out wrong. I absolutely love you! You sir, are the epitome of a statesman. God bless you. 2  Viking Fenrir Wolf Camisole Women Tank Top

Viking Fenrir Wolf Camisole Women Tank Top

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