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Joe Biden did the eulogy for who was it, Robert Bird ( Richard ),, anyway,, for the grand wizard. Viking To my son poster. He don’t give a sht about the black community.

Viking To my son poster

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All these videos r comming out now about stuff he said clear back in 1973, 1977,, hell, even what he said about Obama, ‘’we have a clean, educated black president’’, like it was unusual . Like Leo Terrell says, he has not earned the black vote! I bet CNN won’t play the reports of what joe Biden has said over the last 40 yrs. The State election officials are LIARS, Crooks, and Traitors to the constitution. They must be charged and removed for violating Americans civil rights. Viking To my son poster. Of course not. You saw it happen in Wisconsin with that chaos and you saw it in Georgia. This is no accident and the Democrats need to fight hard for changes and putting in lawyers and observers to prevent the worst from happening. This a dry run for the election. All I can say is if you live in an early voting state, you better get out there and vote and get over with. If you can do mail in voting then send in your application this week. The GOP is going to screw you as a minority as best as they can. Sadly you may be waiting hours in line. They want you to leave and go home because the less votes is better for them. Atlanta, home to the largest Black communities in Georgia, closed 80 polling places since March.

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