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Binoy John Dr”Always happy to see USA shining as a Global leader!”Lead on President Joe Biden sir!… See More115 . Farid Ullah12 . Lisa DeLeonYou got that right Mr President 67 . Linda PetzI thank God for Joe Biden.120 . Jameson ElliottHalf of it. What are you going to do about the half that refuses reality.51 . Dale MartinDamn right it is!!!!!!!!! 18 . Franco AguilarWith the right leadership – yes, absolutely!35 . Samim Rahnaward#GetThemToGuam5 . Samim Rahnaward#GetThemToGuam AFGHAN ALIESS ARE LEFT BEHIND5 . Brooke ElliottGo take a nap!59 . Abdulaziiz NaasirComing back zagg 1 . Eli AbramowitzWe love you President Biden you’re a mensch36 . Paul OffaThe same American people voted Trump in….. . Daniel RinghiserYou’re weak and other countries are no longer afraid of us14 . Teklay GebrehaweriaI want to say thank you for what america is doing regarding tigray crisis and i will assure u No one will be against American people. . Bakakkaa Dallansuu OfficalWith the right leadership-yes that’s true,absolutelyThe american muslims right leadership .yes4  Viking stronger fenrir camisole tank top

Viking stronger fenrir camisole tank top

Thank you and your logistics team for getting the vaccine to all.. Thank you, Joe, for taking this pandemic seriously. . Great execution ensuring that everyone that wanted the vaccine could get it. . Great! Although this figure is 70% in the UK where COVID-19 and the vaccine have not been politicized.. Yes it is! Again, please get vaccinated, if not, then respect the opinion of those that do. Do not stand behind someone with a mask on, do not tell someone a mask infringes on your rights when you DO NOT even wear one. Viking stronger fenrir camisole tank top We respect your right to refuse to wear one or get vaccinated, please do so with those of us that choose to do both. . I got my second shot yesterday. I have to wait 2 weeks to be considered fully vaccinated. But I did everything I have to do to be finished. I just have to wait it out, now.

Viking stronger fenrir camisole tank top

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