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Lucia MallyWe need more farmers, truck drivers, new trains as well. All the good ones retiringThank you all for your hard work and keeping in the loop.13 . Marla McCulloch SorokaFinally, a president who puts America and Americans first. So glad we are heading back in the right direction! The past administration was nothing but chaos and lies.36 . Poppen PA RussEnd the filibuster. The Republicans want you to fail. They will end the filibuster should they ever regain power and that will be, by their own admission, the end of our Republic.18 . Jennifer LynnThank you for your leadership. I applaud your persistence and desire to return America to its place as a world leader29 . Cassie PetroSpeaking of which, justice was finally served the day of your inauguration. I had the champers on ice & polished off the bottle. Good times 9 . Michael KeriDo it. Push your agenda. Don’t wait for the Republicans to unite. They want you to fail, and will take this country down to do it.7  Viking Stronger Odin camisole cross tank top

Viking Stronger Odin camisole cross tank top

Viking symbol camisole cross tank top

David DustinDo not waste your time trying to negotiate with republicans. They will only drag you down to their le el of ignorance! Be strong!!!!7 . Bobby WilsonBiden always care for his country! 21 . Niklaus Jetua DegraftsBiden seems to have a good grip on the economy of the US of A now, more jobs, more economic stability and equality. good moments ahead.8 . Echa GamboaCANCEL STUDENT DEBT . i’m embarrassed i voted for you . you willnot be getting my vote 2024 . nor any democrat . 14 . Stephanie Allen BoyceYou are guilty of treason and you are knowingly committing crimes that you will be held accountable.10 . Reta TerefeNobody succeeded struggled against Ethiopia because of the bible says Ethiopia will raise her hands to God. You will harvest what you cultivated from holy God. If you don’t hands off from Ethiopia you and your nation will cry once again from natural d… See More10  Viking Stronger Odin camisole cross tank top

Viking Stronger Odin camisole cross tank top

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