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I thought the universal basic human rights defined by the UN had healthcare as a human right, and the US constitution’s 9th amendment guaranteed human rights not otherwise stated in the constitution… Do we as a people need to fight for this in the courts?. And yet they still vote for status quo corporate pawns instead. Call Bernie a communist because he actually cares. Serves them right. They love the status quo so much let them have it. Unconscionable? Really? The US elite have no conscience especially where it concerns the deaths of lesser mortals no matter where they live.. Richest country??? Without universal health care it CAN”T be the richest. Morally bankrupt more like it.. I had a round of epilepic seizures this week. Unfortunately it was the one week with a lapse in coverage, and now I am praying the new insurance will retroactively cover it, or I am stuck with a 100k+ hospital bill. Trying to recover has been miserable cuz I’ve just been on the phone between the insurance company and hospital sobbing. Viking Vegvisir And Runes Area Rug

Viking Vegvisir And Runes Area Rug

If I recall college statistics classes, massive outliers like billionaires are anomalies and shouldn’t factor into consideration of how rich any nation is. The USA is not a rich nation when we reject clear outliers.. I’m really wishing I hadn’t gone for the one visit I had in the past 2+ years, what kind of lunatics bill several hundreds of dollars for a single half our doctor visit. Just a normal run-of-the-mill visit, not about anything in particular.. Donna Sharp. I have no health care its too expensive I don’t qualify for any assistance ITS So sad our Government doesn’t care about us the hard working people who elected them. Even with insurance, paying my out of pocket stuff adds up to about 250$ a month. That’s a whole other monthly bill —- year in and year out. And my employer pays ALL my premiums!. Diane Lynn Burroughs. I pay very little each month for my premium, thanks to an employer who provides good discounts. Viking Vegvisir And Runes Area Rug BUT

Viking Vegvisir And Runes Area Rug

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