Villain face mask

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Just another photo op to distract from his most recent acts of treason! And, the media continues to him all of the attention he craves. He stood in front of a church with a Bible and that doesn’t make him a Christian either! Wearing a mask was nothing more than another photo op for his worshippers. Villain face mask. All that, and he’s just killing them out there. That’s what is said when some performer is usually really rousing up an audience. However in trump’s case it’s really happening in the US

Villain face mask

Villain face mask - detail
face mask – detail

He should have properly dealt with the threat of the virus from the start, but we all know why he did not (to keep up the pretense of a strong economy as his plea for re-election). He does not care about people or anything, except himself. He needs the presidency for narcissistic fodder and to avoid indictment for crimes against this country exposed in the Mueller report. He will do anything to stay in office (including wearing a mask) as his freedom depends upon it. However, I see why he hesitated to be seen in a mask. Villain face mask. He looks like a beady eyed version of Hannibal Lector with that thing on, positively sinister, villainous, evil. Some people look heroic in a mask but, perhaps because the eyes are the window to the soul, his ugliness is even more evident.

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