Vinyl record area round rug

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I don’t trust it they are many many people that don’t really care and many more don’t want to get vaccinated and wanna be around . I wish we could have it here in India. Life is tough here…survival is so tough and doubtful in these days.. Now, we”ll see what we are really made of. Unvaccinated people are now trusted to care for their fellow citizens. Unvaccinated = . I guess its still way to dangerous for the rest of us to go outside, idk how im alive rn. For me getting vaccinated was worth it. I still wear a mask when shopping or in a crowded area. Please get vaccinated and be a part of the solution to this pandemic.. Weren’t we always allowed to be outdoors without a mask if not in a crowd???? Did we forget to tell him. Ooops. So can those of us in Florida that don’t really care what the government says to do. Vinyl record area round rug

Vinyl record area round rug

Thanks but I just want to be extra safe, my mask will be on.. Non-vaccinated people can also go outdoors without a mask!! Have been doing that all along.. Don’t ever come into my shop without mask Vinyl record area round rug I don’t care how many shots you got !. And how are we to know and ‘trust’ those nonchalantly strolling around without masks? The the $64,000 question. Hummm!. Fully vaccinated definition (per the government: you are protected while at the same time you are not protected from virus. Been going outside for 35 years without a mask. Nothing has changed that and nothing will as long as I’m breathing. Free citizens don’t need permission to walk outside.. Not vaccinated but been going outside without a mask since 1975.. Been going outdoors without a mask from the get go. Now you get back in your basement and don’t come out till I call you.

Vinyl record area round rug

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