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Now please pick Pete Buttigieg as your running mate before Super Tuesday! Volkswagen 3d Hoodie. He sacrificed his own campaign to help boost you over Bernie and there are tons of Team Pete supporters that are looking for a candidate to rally behind. If the DNC tries to force Joe Biden on Democratic and progressive voters, we will see 2016 all over again. We do not want to vote for another corporate lackey douchebag.

Volkswagen 3d Hoodie

Volkswagen 3d Hoodie
Volkswagen 3d T-Shirt
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What has the moderate democrat done for the working class? NOTHING! I hope people can see the lies that Biden has fabricated in his entire career. Its not conspiracy theory, its a FACT. From his constant plagiarism and the endless lies. You did not get arrested in South Africa. You voted for the IRAQ war. Volkswagen 3d Hoodie. You have been in the wrong side of history in your entire career. the only reason you are out here with your SUPER PACs is because you need to protect the ruling class NOT THE PEOPLE! Just like Hillary was wiped out by Trump, you will follow the same fate. Its sad how most Americans feed into corporate media. You and Bloomberg and the likes of you are the cause of TRUMP. Four days ago he told a crowd that he was running for Senate. This is just one of a large number of gaffes that make me question his mental acuity. If he gets the nomination, he will need to chose the right running mate to earn my vote in November.

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