Volkswagen car hawaiian shirt

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Trump has us on the path to an authoritarian style government and if we fail to vote him out in November, we will be a dictatorship before he’s done. It is a test, if there’s not major resistance & push back … it will spread & become more frequent. Then in Nov. the storm troopers will be deployed to “likely democratic” voting places, to “protect” the vote. Volkswagen car hawaiian shirt. Our Republic teaters on the brink. He did not know whether the men were police or far-right extremists, who frequently don militarylike outfits and harass left-leaning protesters in Portland, Ore. The 29-year-old resident said he made it about a half-block before he realized there would be no escape.

Volkswagen car hawaiian shirt

Volkswagen car hawaiian shirt - detail
hawaiian shirt – detail

Maybe if the protesters would learn to act like human beings instead of animals , there would be no need foe federal intervention. 50 nights of rioting under the guise of protesting is a bit much. That governor needs to get ahold of her state. Most of these people probably don’t have jobs, so this is their way of passing time. So if they are in unmarked cars, without identifications, technically they are civilians threatening you with weapons, which means you can apply self defense if you feel your life is threatened. Volkswagen car hawaiian shirt. The protesters are condemning every cop as part of the problem and scream defund the police. Now when police are acting against every protester, all of a sudden they cry foul. If one protesters behaves violently and destructively, all are culpable. That is the mantra they’re adhering to when it comes to police

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