Volkswagen cloth face mask

Do you want it? Volkswagen cloth face mask. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.



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Saying things like testing makes us look bad, calling the virus a hoax, acting like it’s over, not helping the American people more than you helped the corporations, not listening to the Dr’s and scientists, blaming other countries instead of focusing on us, not wearing a mask yourself, Volkswagen cloth face mask. not making masks mandatory, sending PPE’s overseas while our healthcare workers wore trash bags and testing yourself everyday while saying tests are overrated makes us look bad

Volkswagen cloth face mask

Volkswagen cloth face mask - detail
face mask – detail

The Louisiana primary is happening NOW! A vote for Bernie is a vote for his delegate power. I’m the elected female pledged Sanders delegate from the 5th Congressional District and I need a hand with travel expenses to Milwaukee. Please help me share my fundraising link so I can make it to the DNC and keep fighting for Bernie’s agenda. Thanks for your continued support. I voted for u in the primaries! But a 99.8% survival rate and we’ve shut down every aspect of our lives. Volkswagen cloth face mask. This has been the biggest over reaction in the US in the 21st century next to the Iraq War. I agree with a living wage, Medicare for all, but herd immunity needs to be the answer for Covid. Scientists are now saying there might not ever be a cure, which means the only answer is now herd immunity.

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