Volkswagen Van Blanket

Do you want it? Volkswagen Van Blanket. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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Personally I would not vote for Biden. But I recognize that the majority of voters are leaning toward him. Volkswagen Van Blanket. I was really counting on universal health care and can imagine many others were as well. I wish the voters came together to vote on medicare for all instead of just agreeing with it in the exit polls. That would really prove that Americans really look out for each other. But whoever the nominee is we have to eliminate trump from the white house.

Volkswagen Van Blanket

Volkswagen Van Blanket - Small
Blanket – Small
Volkswagen Van Blanket - Large
Blanket – Large
Volkswagen Van Blanket - X Large
Blanket – X Large

The problem is that most people understand that there are a lot of issues. It’s next to impossible to have a candidate who has your views on everything You can all agree on an issue, that’s fine, but people prioritize the issues differently, that’s life. Sorry i didn’t mean to imply that I’d vote for trump. Volkswagen Van Blanket. I meant to imply that if the primaries reached my state in time i would vote bernie. I’ll respect that Biden will be the nominee and I’ll vote for him in the general election. But personally Bernie is my top choice. I understand you support Bernie, and that’s fine, But, if Biden gets the nomination and you stay home in november, that is just as good as a vote for trump. Myself i will vote for bernie or biden.

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