Walter 3d face mask

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So only almost half of the party that says Trump is the most dangerous president ever, voted for less defense/aggression funding? Walter 3d face mask. Just more proof the military industrial complex owns both parties and always needs to justify more money

Walter 3d face mask

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For once I agree with you. A good start would be pulling all US funded personnel out of Europe and. It is incredibly clear that our massive, bloated military is completely incapable of protecting us from the actual threats that face us in 2020: cyberwarfare, ecological disaster (which includes the pandemic), economic instability, and weaponized misinformation. Walter 3d face mask. It is absolutely insane that we keep dumping all our money into this losing apparatus instead of investing it in something useful, like a functioning healthcare system. More than half voted the wrong way. With the trumpublicans. Think about that, too, as you make your down ticket choices during the remaining primaries and then this fall. Vote out those against progressing to a better, kinder nation.

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