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Kevin WaogoI am delighted too with what Marcus is doing ,,He is gonna be a great instrument in the field of Football furthermore what he does has proved to the High fortuned people wrong ,,,go go Marcus go…..4 . Nathaniel MyersMarcus is way ahead of where you are now, mate. He isn’t going around launching AC-130 gunship attacks against hospitals in his wedding anniversary, fam.2 . Jemal Seid AbegazBarack, please get your former foreign department staffers rightly informed & act accordingly when it comes to an engagement with Ethiopia. Mind the name.4 . Mark LaffinMarcus Rashford plays for our bitter rivals but I respect and admire his intelligence, integrity, his politics and his humanity. In short, he is an outstanding role model for younger generations and I wish him nothing but success in all his endeavours.9 . Sarwar Uddin SarwarMost versatile president comparable with age. Salute sir. Love and respect from Bangladesh.15  Warning property is protected by an attack rottweiler doormat

Warning property is protected by an attack rottweiler doormat

Nancy WentworthIt is nice to see you being more vocal! 8 . Bassimah Al-Ayoubi  · FollowingThank you President Obama for everything you did for us. I’m sorry that so many weren’t as kind to you as you were to them. History will show that you were one of the BEST Presidents in American history. I wish you didn’t have to leave, but I am so gra… See More26 . Juan A. MoralesThese young people continue to reinforce my belief that I can die in peace—our nation is good hands.11 . Sandra BurkhartWhen I was a child of 10 I started trying to check books out of the library that the small town librarian thought I should not be reading as they were adult books. Hemingway, Sherlock Holmes, Ray Bradbury, Tolstoy, etc.. I had to take a form home for my dad to sign to allow me to check those books out. My Dad took the permission slip back personally and said “If she is smart enough to want to read them, let her read them!”. And so my horizons expanded in leaps and bounds. I am now 62 and got a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I am retired now, but I helped many people during my career and had my own business for about 6 years. A child can grow mentally as much as you let them, That is my belief.14  Warning property is protected by an attack rottweiler doormat

Warning property is protected by an attack rottweiler doormat

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