Warrior Princess Child Of God Poster

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Reference divisive language: Democrats use “division rhetoric” like a cow bell on SNL. apparently there isn’t enough cow bell. Democrats or “victimcrats”?. Thank you AOC for your leadership.. Should’ve force the vote in Medicare for all and put Pelosi on the spot. The squad and you should get with the program and do a hostile takeover of the Democratic Party cause if not, the cause will be dead. That or you guys are getting voted out of off… See More. Does everyone see you’re a fraud yet or what?. Sounds like you are creating division and fear!. #FraudSquad Never voting for another Democrat in my life. Hope that corporate money is worth selling out the people who got you elected.. Hello Georgia, Mitch McConnell is the majority leader , are you happy?. It seems the POTUS wants to lose Georgia — One. More. Time.. Seat at the table is what we need everywhere Go Georgia speak up get your voice heard Warrior Princess Child Of God Poster

Warrior Princess Child Of God Poster

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Warrior Princess Child Of God Poster 2
Warrior Princess Child Of God Poster 1
Warrior Princess Child Of God Poster 1

@Georgia. Vote for all Democrats! Money is the most valuable asset in America and the Democrats are the only party offering enough of it. So vote for all Democrats before Mitch McConnell and the underpaying Republicans damages our incomes any further!. We were fooled into voting for Democrats, to make positive change for the People. Instead we got corporatist apologists who don’t care that millions of Americans are suffering without adequate healthcare, work… bye. What will you do this year to keep me supporting you? I’m one more capitulation away from chaulking you up to another big talking failure.. Why didn’t you force the vote when you had the chance?. So sad you voted, you talked about challenging power and seem to cower towards it. What ever happened to #2 on this list? Abolish Ice?. Why are Progressives supporting the Dems? We push them over the finish line every election cycle and in return they throw us under the bus. Warrior Princess Child Of God Poster

Warrior Princess Child Of God Poster

Will ANYONE fight for M4A when 88% of the voters want it?. Yet you voted for Pelosi. The literal least you could have done is held out and you didn’t even do that.. #ForceTheVote or capitulate. Not one cent more. Good luck, no fuss no ruckus, right? Was easy to do. Mama bear, indeed.. Aoc… Please tell me that you voted Pelosi out….. Hey there @AOC the public (your supporters) would like to know why you you all (“The Squad”) voted for Nancy? You might want to clear that up before you lose this round woman.. So disappointed in you. Pelosi? Really?. Thank you for the direct actions you’ve done for your community. I no longer believe that you will fight for Medicare for All and as someone whose father just came off a ventilator and hesitated to check in to the hospital because he didn’t have insura… See More

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