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Didn’t Beijing Biden get caught lying claiming he was part of the Civil Rights movement oh ya he did I’m just waiting to see if he plagiarizes Martin Luther King now. Still waiting on a plan on how to combat systemic racism, at this point I don’t care which side it’s coming from there needs to be an actual plan and commitment with deadlines and next steps. Wash your pits poster. There’s got to be passion behind this NOT he say, she say.

Wash your pits poster

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You prove the point you argue against. When confronted with fact, you respond with lies or you duck and cover. Trump responds to fact with lies or he ducks and covers (check out his response when asked what policies he would pursue if given a second term). As mentioned, there is no reason to debate Trump…he has nothing to say…no policies…no plans…no platform. There is no reason to debate you…you have nothing to add that Trump and his OTHER lackeys haven’t already repeated ad nauseam. Wash your pits poster. As such, you’ve become tedious and boring. You are dismissed. You haven’t said anything of substance. You’re still stuck on Russia even though it’s been proven that there was no collusion. You have nothing. You accused me of watching fox. That’s your arguments. Lol. What exactly is there to debate? Like you said, you still think it’s okay for a presidential candidate to not debate. The whole point of this thread was talking about debating but you wanna y’all about everything else.

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