Washington redskins nfl cloth mask

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Mr. Biden please consider Susan Rice for your VP. She’s experienced as National Security Advisor you have already worked with, intelligent, eloquent, calming, diplomatic (US Ambassador). Washington redskins nfl cloth mask. Great candidate and the most qualified to hold the office of all the contenders.

Washington redskins nfl cloth mask

Washington redskins nfl cloth mask - detail
cloth mask – detail

Trump 8s doing slot but in the negative, in spreading evil and inciting his legions with fear, hatred and division. He in a speech referred to we the Americans are not going to allow the liberals to destroy this Country. Trump had not do a single positive thing since he is Office but looting the Treasure Department and allowing and committing corruption himself. Washington redskins nfl cloth mask. Biden should select the individual with the most experience.. someone that is passionate about serving the public and that will make a difference in the lives of americans… and that individual is Bernie Sanders as his VP. Thank you, sir, for always seeing the good in people, unlike the hateful, evil buffoon in the White House who wishes to destroy our democracy. We can’t wait for you to restore decency, compassion, civility and intelligence when you take office as our President. Stay safe and well.

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