Washington Wizards NBA Hawaiian Shirt

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Linda Page JenksThank you to our vets, troops and those who loss there lives for us. MIKE PENCE Is the devil hiding behind Christianity.16 . Ben NabbThe irony is that the people they are fighting have a similar ideology to Trump administration and supporters and the evolution of the current Republican Party.16 . Scotty DuderoMike everyone I know wants you to stand down, the president of the USA, not you!11 . Elena HernandezI went on the Dday tour with my dad in 2017 plus got to attend a memorial ceremony it was great remembering and honoring them on that day.7 . Pat EspinoNice comments but why didn’t you serve in the military?!! Just talk to the cult. Right?? Just go away please the majority of Americans don’t want to hear you! You were complacent and a minion when Trump was at his worse…..like 4 years! Go work for Th… See More15  Washington Wizards NBA Hawaiian Shirt

Washington Wizards NBA Hawaiian Shirt

Shakil Khan  · FollowThanks to you and your administration, we don’t cringe each time the president tweets.2 . Rhodd GarupsPence violated and discarded his ” facts are the true foundation of peace “……he is good in words only. I never believed that a fly that landed on his head during the debate is a sign of betrayal….but it is !198 . Duke BruceI thought you were a great conservative Christian man, Mike Pence, until January 6 and the subsequent elbow bump with Pelosi. But sadly, you’re just another swamp creature. 35 . Hung Nguyen SDI used to like Mike Pence a lot.But, not anymore. I keep questioning his integrity and true love for this country now.483 . Lisa MarinosNo one is interested in what you have to say. We All thought you were a Stand Up Guy. What you did on 1/6 was terrible. We are all suffering with the cowardly or perhaps the backstabbing decision you made. 587  Washington Wizards NBA Hawaiian Shirt

Washington Wizards NBA Hawaiian Shirt

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