We support you USPS yard signs

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. We support you USPS yard signs. Order now before lose it forever.



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Fact first: Pelosi is begging Biden not to debate Trump, and Hillary is already saying Biden shouldn’t concede the election when he is beaten. We support you USPS yard signs. They already know Trump owns them!

We support you USPS yard signs

We support you USPS yard signs- pic 1
yard signs- pic 1

Why was he hung over the podium? We support you USPS yard signs. So many lies just amazing. A pathetic display admitting everything wrong in the world under HIS leadership. I feel sorry for you for you are blind to all that is wrong and who caused it. Sure wasn’t Trump. Reminder: he’s responsible for killing 180,000 US citizens in 5 months because he LIES and tells people Covid is FAKE and people are so BRAINWASHED they believe a FAKE president! Give us back a normal country because people are so twisted by this man. all you have to do is simply fact check anything he says. It’s over 20,000 so far so they are not hard to miss. Cain… Biden won’t listen to us on defunding the police.. he said otherwise…. Took credit for the vets choice program , program that has been there since 2015……. Blamed Biden for a California power outage that is happening in his own presidency….. He ignored actual covid numbers… It will be interesting to find out how many people have been infected by the virus because of the total lack of regard for life. I knew MASKS would be what you all would report on. Of all the week, you choose masks. Dumb. How about be a patriot and love our country? If they wanted to wear a mask they could have. We don’t all live in fear. Move on to real news.

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