Welcome everything is fine doormat

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  Welcome everything is fine doormat · Follow Thank You for your contribution and your kindness. You are an example that rich with golden heart ..! when we die we take nothing..! not a penny..! Thank You Mr. Bill Gates !. Rich guy doesn’t donate wealth – he’s a malignant capitalist,. Bhumiraj bot. Bhumiraj Rai. Bhumiraj Rai BOT!!! No-one says that stuff for real to the Sith Lord unless you’re a true captive. Phil Tonks El es un bot, tu un idiota. Bhumiraj Rai bruhh secret society members don’t die . Bhumiraj Rai what’s that bro, you have no clue who Bill Boy Gates really is, or your a troll?. John Palmer Swanson gayez is a murderer, you have no idea who he really is…. John Palmer Swanson He is not a troll. You are a sheep!. Bhumiraj Rai are you blinde man ?. Why does a person set up Microsoft and start working to create a vaccine

Welcome everything is fine doormat

Bill has earned so much so early that he feels has learned by Providence that the best of life and happiness lies in “caring n sharing” besides earning more and more (obviously no one wants to not earn what one deserves by Nature) We would have had IT revolution but for him not so rapid n friendly…thanks Bill for all u do for this Planet & life. Bhumiraj Rai Thank you. People like you make the world better.. Bhumiraj Rai ; dido for me. I feel that way ..!. Peggy Anderson This person is paid to come on here and post lies in support of Gates. Please do not fall for it. Welcome everything is fine doormat BLACKJUNCTION.TV deleted-bill-gates-documentary. Bhumiraj Rai So mr smarty pants why is there still homeless people why kids are still dying of hunger why is there is poverty???? If he is such a good man why are children dying with an empty stomach why why why

Welcome everything is fine doormat

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