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I complained but that just gets a cursory glance n a response that says they don’t keep records of my attendance.
Welder Knowledge Poster. I was in a club of some sort arranged by one of two ‘normal n helpful’ staff.

Welder Knowledge Poster

Welder Knowledge Poster - A4
Poster – A4
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Poster – A3
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Poster – A2

I met whereby I was not required to visit for a while but after that an assessment for work carried out by a health worker who like a drone didn’t listen to answers n decided I could get out of a chair n touch my toes so I was fine to start the whole process again. Welder Knowledge Poster. My health suffered more than it was n I decided to forego the tiny benefit and sell my belongings to raise a similar amount n waved good bye to the most untrained staff I’ve ever come across. The benefits system is there to support people temporarily, but due to the ‘scoungers’ of this society who insist on not working, when some are perfectly capable, it’s been made that hard that people need a PhD just to work it out. My hubby and I had to apply for UC for 3 months due to an unexpected job loss. I’m a teacher and he works in IT and it baffled us completely. It’s there to support genuine cases whether these are short term or long-term due to a serious illness, but it’s clear that it’s gone terribly wrong in many cases. You are very lucky Pete Nightingale that you think it is a Tory myth, and have clearly not had the pleasure of seeing first hand the ‘scoungers’ I am talking about. I have never voted Tory and am against everything it stands for.

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