Wellington Napoleon Tigers shirt and longsleeve tee

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Guys yall are all taking my comments wrong. I like bernies ideas i dont support the wall, thats failing anyway, i do support easy cheap immigration regardless of race or country or religion, amnesty for those who are already here illegally, etc. Wellington Napoleon Tigers. I just think that bernie would make regulation a little too soft on veryfing that these migrants refugees and people seeking amnesty especially at our us/northern border with mexico.

Wellington Napoleon Tigers

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Wellington Napoleon Tigers longsleeve tee
longsleeve tee
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Does not let cartel smugglers blend in with those in need of real help, these cartels are very dangerous criminal elements that do need to enter, there has to be a humane and moderate and realistic approach to both providing shelter to those seeking refuge and denial to those that would abuse our welcoming attitudes. Marijuana legalization is a great way to start to put an end to illegal smuggling of pot by using human mules as a way for them to enter the USA, but tainted opiate derivative drugs and meth is a big problem for my area of the country. Wellington Napoleon Tigers. My cousin is struggling with addiction to meth right now, his supplier is an illegal migrant that is a victim of human trafficking that has agreed to live in a trailer rented by someone else for 8 months and serving meth to individuals for that time period in order to pay for his smuggling to this country. I know because I speak spanish fluently and have spoken to him directly about not selling to my cousin whom i consider closer than my brother, i feel bad for both my family and the immigrant that is being used and smuggled in this way.

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