We’re all mad here doormat

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We, as white people, need to learn to defend black lives as well! It is our social responsibility! What a beautiful girl! RIP We’re all mad here doormat Thank you Oprah, very well deserved this cover. I live in Louisville and watch the news everyday, I see another factor on this sad event or her death, the men in her life, I believe, played a role on it. The police were looking for another guy, suppos…

We’re all mad here doormat

We're all mad here doormat - pic 1
doormat – pic 1

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is dragging his feet on the investigation! We’re all mad here doormat This is wonderful. This is loudly spoken, this is giving Breonna a voice that her life mattered. Oprah thank you for fighting for justice. Alexis Franklin thank u for the beautiful picture. ABSOLUTELY! I’VE NEVER PURCHASED A OPRAH MAGAZINE BEFORE, BUT I LOOK FORWARD TO BUYING THIS ONE. If you’re not safe in your bed, you’re not in a democracy.

Do you love it? We’re all mad here doormat. Available in more style, buy it today before lose it forever.

I love the big apple screens and the complete white setting. Its visual treat. We’re all mad here doormat. Well from what I see the pop culture references are now historical figures affected by racism, the camp is seen in the overtly racist police in each episode, as well as the white wizards (literally), and each episode tells a different story apart of the larger tale.

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