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It is a beautiful place with access to many different things to do. West Virginia For Trump Flag.  I live in the Eastern Panhandle and there is easy access to Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia as well as D.C. It’s home to the Mothman, Ghosts of Shepherdstown and Gypsy Sisters. As well, WVU has the largest telescope in the US.

West Virginia For Trump Flag

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As someone who moved here from out of state, I can say I haven’t received a warm welcome at all. Our neighbors are NOT friendly. They go as far as to not look at you when they pass you and only a few will say hello. If they drive by in their cars, they’ll wave, but pass them on the street and they can’t look you in the eye, or even in your general direction. There are neighbors at the end of the street that stare when you drive by. It’s frustrating to say that least, as I have tried to make friends and go out of my way to be nice to other people. West Virginia For Trump Flag. I’ve been told on more than one occasion, “If you aren’t from here, you’re not part of the group and you’ll like some place much better.” I miss the snow and it does get pretty humid, but the weather is decent. If you are looking for a place to not be bothered, this is home. There’s no road rage and they take their time with everything. I’ve never had anyone honk at me in an aggressive manner and even people who pull out in front of you don’t seem to be worried about getting into an accident. However, yield means stop in all cases and getting on the highway at 40 miles an hour seems appropriate for most. The women don’t wear makeup and have their hair in ponytails. Plus everyone wears camo. And has a gun. And tattoos. I’m sure West Virginia as a whole is a nice place to live. I’m personally disappointed in the people in my immediate area and it has been made clear more than once that we are not and will never be part of the “group.”

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